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This is a set of 6 natural pigment crayons. The crayons are made with  earth pigments, botanical indigo, charred plants and soy wax. The pigments are artist grade, non-toxic, and purchased from commerials sources. Due to the handmade nature of these crayons they may vary slightly in size and appearance. Each crayon is approximately 4cm x 3cm x 0.8cm


This set includes:

1 Indigo Crayon

1 Indigo Light Crayon

1 Graphite Crayon

1 Blue Green Crayon 

1 Mauve Crayon

1 Soot Black Crayon

1 short pencil

all conveniently packed in one 4" x 4" metal tin, and one fabric sleeve (fabric will vary)


The tin makes it easy to throw your crayons in a backpack for drawing wherever life takes you. Please do not leave your crayons in a hot car or other high temperature environment. They will begin to soften at 110 degrees F.  


These crayons are packaged and labeled using recycled materials whenever possible. Paper labels may vary in color due to availability of paper stock. 

Natural Pigment Crayon Set COOL

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