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Mayan Blue 30ml

  • This Mayan Blue pigment is made from a natural plant derived indigo powder that is precipitated onto a white clay. The ink is packaged in a 30ml (1 oz.) clear square glass bottle capped with a glass dropper lid. The indigo powder and white clay are hand ground. The pigment is hand mulled on a glass slab with watercolor medium for a smooth consistency. The pigment in the ink naturally settles over time. Shake before use. 


    The process for creating Mayan Blue pigment was invented by the Mayan people. It was used as early as 300 AD to paint murals and other objects. The blue in these murals is still visible today. 


    This ink is very lightfast. It is suitable for use with brushes. The ink can be diluted with water or combined with other water-based paints and inks. If the ink dries on your palette it can be rewet for use in the same manner as a dry watercolor paint. Please watch my ink video tutorials for more information about how your inks will arrive, how to use oxgall to counteract floccing, and how to blend the inks.


    The ink is all natural, but not suitable for consumption. Keep away from pets and unsupervised children. 



    -Mayan Blue pigment

    -gum arabic



    -clove oil

    -distilled water


    Please note ink color may vary slightly based on the screens you are using. 12% of the proceeds of all sales will be donated to a local Native American led non-profit.

  • Contact Strata Ink immediately if you have any problems with your order. Exchanges will be accepted in the case of damages due to shipping or a defect in the product. 

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