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strata ink pigment forage natural handmade chlorite oregon


Strata Ink

pigment forage red ochre in grass

Once in the studio these pigments are washed and ground by hand into fine particles. 

At Strata Ink paint making starts with gathering pigments out in the field.

yellow ochre natural pigment process grind levigate
rabbit brush chamisa flower oregon

Some Strata Ink pigments are made from plants that are gathered and then 'laked' to create a dry pigment. 

A few ingredients are purchased and hand processed, such as the natural indigo powder used in the Mayan Blue Ink.

natural indigo dye pigment mayan blue watercolor paint
red ochre mull watercolor paint handmade pigment strata ink

The pigments are hand mulled on a glass slab with an all natural watercolor binder. 

strata ink primaries yellow ochre red ochre mayan blue pigment handmade natural
rabbit brush chamisa lake pigment process yellow strata ink forage

The paint is bottled with distilled water and an eye dropper cap for ease of use.

strata ink red ochre mayan blue natural handmade watercolor paint swatches

Drop the ink into a palette or directly onto paper. Use a brush or other painting tool to move the ink around the page. Dilute with water or mix with any waterbased media. This ink is formulated for exploration. I can't wait to see what you make with it. Learn more in my ink tutorial videos.

Carolyn Sweeney, artist.JPG

Strata Ink is handcrafted in Portland, Oregon in the home studio of artist Carolyn Sweeney. You can see her artwork here. She has been making her own ink and watercolors for many years. These ink recipes are the result of her search for materials that suit her own art practice. The particular qualities and colors of natural ink inspire her on a daily basis. Carolyn has a B.A in Fine Art from Whitman College and a background in a wide array of textile arts. Please reach out via the contact form if you have any questions. 

Rhodedendron artist Carolyn Sweeney Strata ink natural handmade watercolor paint
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